Highlights from Previous Meetings

March 2015 - Poisonous Plants Meeting

February 2015 - Grafting of Woody Plants with Ted Hildebrant

November 19. 2014

Jerry Kral

“Perennials: New Ones, Improved Old Ones And Some You Would Not Think Of Using”

Jerry Kral has an incredible collection of conifers and evergreens. His garden also has many deciduous trees and shrubs, in an innovative combination with perennials and annuals. One step into Jerry and Karen Kral's garden and you can instantly tell that this is not what you would consider, "a typical garden."

The garden itself is over 22 years old and comprised of dozens of raised beds interlinked by over a half-mile of meandering bluestone pathways. Water features and unique statuary give this amazing space a sense of excitement and fun; reminding visitors that gardens are a place to admire, but also to enjoy.

Also featured is an extensive collection of ornamental grasses and roses. Jerry currently grows over 1,000 kinds of plants. Conifers are his specialty of which he grows over 300 different varieties.

September 18, 2013

“Best of the Newest”


Publisher, Upstate Gardeners' Journal and “Ear to the Ground PRO”, Gardening columnist for the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, President of the Rochester Civic Garden Center Board of Trustees.

 Jane spoke on “Best of the Newest“ (plant introductions)—As a garden communicator, Jane Milliman is on the receiving end of not just the latest plant introductions, but press releases, propaganda and all manner of sales pitches from the people who want YOU to buy them.

In this presentation, she sifted through new and recent plant offerings to tell you about the true gems you’ll want to look for this spring.


April 17, 2013

Container Gardening by Elaine Isman of Gro-Moore Farms.

Elaine’s background is in Design. She has worked in the horticulture business for 12 years, and this will be her fourth year with Gro-Moore’s.

March 20, 2013

Irises by Cara Hutchins of the Rochester Iris Society

Cara’s Background
‣ BS degree in Environmental Science/Resource Management from SUNY-ESF.
‣ She has been working in gardens all her life and is currently a florist at Genrich’s Garden Center, Florist and Gift Shop in Irondequoit, NY.
February 20, 2013

Proper Pruning by Franz Seischab 

Professor Emeritus at Rochester Institute of Technology

·  Biology Teacher at Greece Central Schools

·  Interests: Ecology, Plant & Animal Science

http://www.irondequoitlibrary.org  - McGraw Adult Programs on DVD - Deer Proofing Your Garden with Master Gardener Franz Seischab


February 22, 2013

January 16, 2013 -
Indoor Seed Sowing by Solveig Hanson from Harris Seeds
Harris Seeds presented information regarding Seed Starting and we'll all had the opportunity to start some for ourselves and take them home to grow (hopefully!).

Harris Seeds Meeting 1-16-2013

September 19, 2012 - Open House with Terry Ettinger

Host of Time Warner Cable’s Channel YNN Garden Journeys” and “Going Green”
The meeting was very enjoyable. Terry is very entertaining and informative. We have a large number of new members signed up too. Here are a few pictures.

Terry Ettinger Meeting 9-12

Highlights of previous meetings and workshops

April 2011 Flower Arranging by Beth Byrne.  Flower arrangements winners; Janice, Ann and Helen.

Flower Arranging 2011

September 2010 Plant Swap and door prize winners

Plant Swap 2011