Hypertufa Workshop

We had a great turnout for July 18, 2013

Hypertufa Workshop

We had nine people and made 8 or 9 containers to sell.  It was a great group and we have a new member who will join us in the fall.

June 2012 Hypertufa Workshop

As many of you know, we have scheduled a Fall Plant Sale in conjunction with the Tinker Nature Park Fall Festival in September. We plan to sell mums, flowering kale, asters and other perennials. Another idea that was presented was to sell hypertufa planters, which can be made inexpensively and sold for a nice profit. Many of you have participated in hypertufa workshops in the past and we'd like to do another one with the idea of making additional planters to sell.

So, on Thursday, June 7th at 6PM, we will meet at Carol's barn.  Carol's husband has a cement mixer, so we won't have to go through that process individually - yeah! 

The club will supply all the materials for the mix. You would need to bring:

  • Molds - 8" or larger bowls without lips, cardboard boxes, pots, Styrofoam, etc. (We will have some molds, but please try to find as many things as possible so that we can make many planters.)
  • Rubber gloves (Rubbermaid type)
  • Face mask
  • Water spray bottle

This can be a messy project, so dress accordingly - another good use for gardening clothes!

Please remember that the only way we can present interesting speakers such as Betty Green (pressed flowers) and Laurie Burtner (perennials), etc. is by making money at our fund raising events. Hypertufa planters sell very well and since they are inexpensive and fun to make, it's a win-win deal!



This October a group of us met 1st at Tinker and then at Carol's house to create Hypertufa "stuff".  Click below to see what we created.

Hypertufa Workshop 2011 Pt2

Part 1 was held at Tinker and taught by Laurie Burtner

Hypertufa Workshop 2011 Pt1

 Hypertufa Workshop - Saturday August 16 & 17 from 6PM to 8PM at the barns at Tinker Nature Center on Calkins Road.

Master Gardener Laurie Burtner has volunteered to do a hypertufa workshop for our group. Members would pay only for materials - just a few dollars. We would need to meet for about 2.5 hours and then again for about an hour the next day.

Here is a list of the items that you would need to collect - some could be shared. We would need to purchase the product to make the mix, so an accurate count is necessary. There are also pictures below of a planter and a mill wheel that Laurie has made.

Your mold

1 Large flat mixing container (approx. 30x 24x 6 deep) in shed

 Face Mask - a white painters face mask (important to use especially when mixing dry ingredients)

 Water Spray Bottle - $1 store bottle or reused Windex or soap spray bottle is OK

 Sharp old kitchen knife, for cutting wet tufa and scraping edge of planter

 Wire brush (for when planter is unmolded)

 Rubber Gloves - thick Rubbermaid type