Hummingbird Ornament

Learn how to make a neat hummingbird ornament from a single peanut.
By Deborah L. Dill, Easton, Maryland
Every year, since 1993, I have taken a nut of some king and made an ornament that I share with many people.  Last year's hummingbird was a huge hit with everyone.
Here's how to make your own hummingbird ornament.
  1. Select unsalted peanuts that are not broken and have no visible cracks.
  2. Use a white spray primer to help the paint stick and eliminate having to put two coats of paint on the nuts.
  3. Spray paint or brush the nuts a light yellow green.  I used Krylon Ivy Leaf.
  4. When dry, hold the nut and sponge on a slightly darker green acrylic paint on the head and back.
  5. Take a round toothpick and cut off 1/2 inch of the pointy end for a beak.  I painted mine a metallic gold with acrylic paint since this was a Christmas ornament.
  6. Drill or poke with an ice pick or tiny nail a hole in the head portion to glue the beak in with white school or tacky glue.  Let set.  (Placement of the beak gives the birds different looks.)
  7. Paint a patch of red under the beak.
  8. I used a glitter glaze to cover the red and the back to make it sparkly for Christmas.
  9. Wings are made from a 1 x 2 piece of green tulle netting and a six inch piece of gold thread.  Tie the thread around the netting to gather it to form a wing.  Tie the top of the thread to complete the hanger.  Glue the wing on the back.
  10. Use black dimensional paint or black acrylic paint to dot on two eyes above the beak.